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Navigate your success at Laurier by participating in GPSS and the professional development opportunities offered by the GPSS Steering Committee throughout the year. This event provides an invaluable orientation and professional development opportunities for new and returning graduate students as well as teaching and instructional assistants (TAs/IAs).

Join us in September 2014 to:

• network and build community with faculty and staff

• develop knowledge and transferable skills for your academic program and professional career path

• engage in academic and social activities

• orient yourself to the Laurier campus and community

• learn about academic support services and resources

• build long-lasting relationships

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GPSS Coordinating Committee
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519.884.0710 x3501 (GSA Office)
First Floor, Student Services Building
10am - 3pm, Tuesday-Thursday

Health & Dental Update



Change-of-Coverage Period

The Change-of-Coverage Period is the period when you can opt out (with proof of comparable existing coverage), or enroll your spouse and/or dependents in the GSA Health & Dental Plan.

To opt out or enroll family members, please visit during the Change-of-Coverage Period:

Fall 2014 (opt-out or enrolments): August 14th to September 17th

 Prior to the Change-Of-Coverage Period, the website will have current year information.


Apply for the continuum plan to continue having excellent health & dental coverage at a low cost when your student plan ends! Apply within 30 days of the end of your GSA plan (ends August 31st) and you will not be asked to provide evidence of good health.

Permanent Opt Outs

Have you already completed a permanent opt-out in a previous year?

Please be patient as we upload all permanenet opt-outs into Loris. Permanent opt-outs will be assessed prior to the tuition deadline.

Do you need to complete a permanent opt-out? 

The opt-out period is August 14 - September 17 2014. If you complete a permanant opt-out and then wish to re-enroll, a $50 administration fee is required. Please also consider coordination of benefits.

Summer 2014

Still Here to Serve You!

Between May 1st and August 30th the GSA Office will be open weekly on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 10am - 3pm.

We have plans to go tubing in Elora and spend time on the Veritas Patio! Do you have an idea? Email them to Chrissy Orlowski at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Please contact Ellen Menage at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if needed.

Thank you!

Presidential News and Notes

Monday June 30, 2014

Hello Laurier Graduate Students!

If you thought that the month of May was exciting, then you will not believe what the Graduate Students’ Association has been able to accomplish during the month of June!


Have you noticed our social media blitz?! The GSA’s very own Social Media Programmer, Amanda Kohler, has been working tirelessly to connect all Graduate students with everything that is happening in the GSA! From day-to-day, to week-to-week, you can expect that our official GSA Facebook and Twitter accounts will keep you up to date on fun events, amazing professional development opportunities, and volunteer and employment opportunities with the GSA. Do not forget that our new website (so close to being finished), will also have important information for Graduate students, focused on enhancing your experience at Laurier.


Over the past month the Graduate Students’ Association has been working very closely with Vice President David McMurray to enhance the Graduate student experience by creating a strategic plan to develop a Scholarly Community Initiative. This initiative focuses on the development of a 365 day approach that will build a community of Graduate scholars, promoting Laurier research; connecting Faculty with Graduate students; providing skill development opportunities; and celebrating the success of our institution. The initiative will see the addition of three new scholarly community programs at Laurier, including a GSA conference, the Veritas Conference Series, and Professional Development workshops, in collaboration with Laurier’s current event Celebrate Laurier Research. Keep your eye on our newsletter for the development of these new events!


One of the most important events of the year for Graduate students is the Graduate & Professional Student Symposium. It is an event that is hosted by the GSA, with support from the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies, Student Affairs, Educational Development and the Career Centre, which focuses on orientating new Graduate students, building our Graduate network and community, providing professional development opportunities, engaging all Graduate students in academic and social activities, and much more! This year GPSS has focused its symposium on four key concepts, Community, Academics, Resources, and Professionalization (C.A.R.P). As the Chairman of the GPSS Committee, it is with great excitement that I am able to announce that this year’s symposium will be taking place September 2nd and 3rd and registration will open up on July 10th! We look forward to seeing all at the symposium, and don’t forget to schedule the GSA Train event on Sept 2nd and our Patio Party on Sept 4th into your calendar!

Once again, these are only a few of the highlights from the month of June, but I think that it gives you a great idea of how the GSA is working hard to improve the Graduate student experience at Laurier.

Don’t forget to stop by Veritas Café for a nice cold beer on our patio!


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