March Winner - Moniruzzaman Mohammad


Congratulations to Moniruzzaman Mohammad, our March researcher!

Mohammad Moniruzzaman is a PhD candidate in the WLU-UW joint program in Geography and Environmental Studies. His professional and academic background is multidisciplinary in nature and spans across the disciplines of Public Policy, Economics, Geography and Environmental Studies. His doctoral work investigates the connections between migration and food security, an area relatively unexplored until recently with particular attention to the impact of transnational migrants’ remittances on households’ food and nutritional security outcomes. Recently migrants’ remittance has reshaped the landscape of global financial flows to become three times as large as official aid and almost as large as total foreign direct investment (FDI) flows to developing countries. Using household survey data from Bangladesh, his research shows remittances improve the recipient households’ economic access to sufficient, safe and nutritious food. Moreover, increased purchasing power improves the dietary diversity allowing households to be better able to withstand food related shocks including sudden increase in food prices.  Moniruzzaman has an outstanding record of receiving fellowship and award which includes the Netherlands Fellowship (NFP), Asian Development Bank-Japan Scholarship (ADB-JSP), Endeavour International Postgraduate Research Scholarship (IPRS) in Australia, Ontario Graduate Scholarship (OGS) and Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) doctoral fellowship in Canada; his work has also been presented at a number of international conferences.

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