Researcher of Laurier - Sylvia Terzian

Congratulations to Sylvia Terzian, one of our January researchers!



Sylvia Terzian has recently completed her PhD in the Department of English & Film Studies, and was nominated for the Gold Medal of Academic Excellence. Her primary research interests are in Postcolonial and Diaspora Literature and Theory, with a focus on contemporary Arab North-American fiction.


Her dissertation, entitled “Arab Pluralities and Transnationality: ‘A Crisis of Diasporic Consciousness’ in Arab North-American Fiction,” is interdisciplinary in its engagement with historical, literary, anthropological, sociological, and cultural studies.


Drawing on several intersecting theoretical models —postcolonial and diaspora studies, trauma theory, psychoanalysis, and queer theory—the dissertation addresses the implications of the experience of migration, settlement, and belonging for Arab consciousness and sense of identity in Canada and the United States. Her research focus, more broadly and comparatively considered, also extends into other literary traditions: in particular, Arabic Literature and World Anglophone Literature.


Sylvia has served as a teaching assistant during her MA and PhD at Wilfrid Laurier, and more recently, has taught two senior undergraduate courses, entitled “Middle Eastern North American Narratives” and “Post-9/11 American Fiction.”





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